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As stated by Leonardo da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Presenting the Monarch coffee table. The beauty of this piece is in its simplicity of design and ease of assembly. With no fasteners or gluing required, it locks together in Chinese puzzle fashion providing a solid, radially symmetrical base for its glass top. However for its simplicity of form it does have a level of detail not entirely obvious from a distance. The edges of each piece are subtly tapered offering an additional touch of elegance. This attribute may best be recognized in the third thumbnail view below.

We designed this piece in response to the online furniture buying experience, which most always requires the item to be packaged and shipped. Associated expenses commonly increase the overall purchase price significantly if not making it cost prohibitive. When disassembled the leg elements stack compactly in a space of 5"x5"x33" which not only reduces shipping costs but becomes a more durable item for shipping. The glass top can also be shipped but a better option is to have us order it directly from your local glass shop. Why pay for extra packing and insurance of glass when it can be sourced locally.

Shown here in walnut (top row of thumbnail images) as well as poplar, ash and ash dyed yellow (bottom row of thumbnail images) the Monarch coffee table can be custom ordered in whatever wood species you prefer. The glass top shown here is tempered 3/8" thick but 1/2" non tempered works well also.

16"h x 36"w x 36"d (also available as 18"h x 45"w x 45"d)
GITANE workshop
Cost: $800 (With glass)
Cost: $650 (Without glass)